Welcome to KPJ Sterile Services

    A Sterling Standard of Sterilisation

    Providing quality patient care can only be successfully achieved if the surgical instruments to treat the patient are clean. At Sterile Services Sdn Bhd,we are providing efficient and consistent services to CSSD customers in conformance with the international quality standards. Our CSSD centre in Rawang is providing expert high quality sterile supply administration and customer service, allowing our customers to focus on their core competencies and other strategic initiatives. This sterilised surgical instruments will be returned to hospitals within 24 hours to ensure there will be no shortages of surgical instruments.

    Our Services

    • Sterile Goods reprocessing facility
    • Full logistics to manage supply
    • Provision of strelie goods
    • Delivery of sterile goods
    • Proper documented operations

    Benefits to Hospital

    • Cost effective
    • Economy of scale
    • Eliminate renovation costs to upgrade facility to meet accreditation requirements